UG-Reversed - Lower-Leg - Belt





The two-dimensionally shaped pads are set in front via the perforated belt. Timing belts R24-BL-RNI-305 and buckle B24-AE-BL provide high load capacity, also available with other buckles and toothed belts.


The lower leg strap is individually adjusted to the sitting position by means of the ratchet buckle and can be adjusted to the nearest millimeter. Likewise, the strap can also be opened quickly via the ratchet buckle.




Pelvi.Loc - lower leg - belt prevents forward sliding of the pelvis in a wheelchair.


Special Features


Also with other buckles, e.g. (B24 Star, B19-GO) available.


Article Numbers

PL-UG-XS       for width16-24 cm

PL-UG- S         for width20-32 cm

PL-UG- M       for width 30-40 cm

PL-UG- L         for width 36-46 cm

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With other buckles B24-star, B19-GO available.


Clamping clips for wheelchair frame.


Article Numbers

RS-20      Tube diameter 20mm

RS-22      Tube diameter 22mm

RS-25      Tube diameterr 25mm

RS-30      Tube diameter 30mm

RS-32      Tube diameter 32mm



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