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Electric pulling aid for the wheelchair

  • Colour: in silver or matt black
  • 500 Watt powerful freewheel gear motor 52 Nm
  • Motor development approx 900 Watt
  • Driving function forward
  • Speed 6 km/h
  • 15 km/h require
  • 30km/h or more for use on private land
  • 36 Volt 13,4Ah 482 Wh / Li ION – Battery
  • Charger 36 volt 1350 mA – TT
  • Throttle right and left
  • 20 Inch front tire
  • Rim 80mm in black
  • Parking brake left or right mountable
  • Disc brake mechanically (diameter 200mm)
  • Fender chromed
  • Steering damper
  • Angle adjustable handlebars
  • Light with on and off switch
  • Bicycle speedometer
  • Bell
  • Stand
  • Weight approx 18 KG recommended for people aged up to 70 KG of body weight
  • Technically from seat width 32cm to seat width 45cm possible

Available downloads / PDF

Scope of application

For activities outside the home:

  • rolls easily over any surface
  • on cobblestones
  • sidewalks fall off to one side
  • gravel roads, dirt roads, forest roads
  • light sleepers and stages
  • sandy beach
  • shingle beach
  • meadows
  • city breaks
  • and much more

Special features

The Crazy Horse is mounted on active wheelchairs with fixed front end.

With two steel clamps the power strap is attached to the front frame of the wheelchair.

The simple folding mechanism on Crazy Horse the little wheels of the wheelchair are lifted from the ground, it creates a handy Wheelchair team with 3 wheels.

A simple stand on Crazy Horse helps coupling and uncoupling.

A 200 mm brake disc ensures effective retardation.

and a further brake caliper for even more security.

Motors in various performance classes allow strong propulsion and driving pleasure.

The used by us high capacity battery with 36V 13,4Ah ensures reliable and long-lasting driving fun.

Through a wide range of tires and profiles can be used, the Crazy Horse on virtually any surface.

Accelerating by thumb throttle with the left or right side of the angle-adjustable handlebar no problem.

LCD display shows time, speed u.v.a.m. is standard.

LED light with battery connector provides more passive and active safety.

Steering head

The unique steering head design delivers razor sharp handling and high steering stability and conceded during cornering and straight-line stability, additionally reinforce two springs this effect!


Sales price see order sheet.

Color: silver or matt black
Execution: mechanically