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Sports Equipment for Wheelchair

  • Weight: 7 kg with assembly stand
  • Wheel size: 20 inches
  • Tyres from 20 x 2.00
  • Parking brake may be operated with a single hand
  • Disc brake, mechanical, diameter: 160 mm
  • Positive steering through special O-ring
  • Stand
  • Bike bell

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Scope of application

For activities outside the home:

  • They roll easily over any surface
  • On cobblestones
  • Walkways fall off to one side
  • Gravel paths, gravel roads, forest roads
  • Light-thresholds and steps
  • Sand beach (you can sometimes be pushed without immediately falling out of the wheelchair)
  • Gravel beach
  • Meadows
  • Vacation

Special features

Extremely resilient aluminium frame in combination with stainless steel components ensures stability for very high strain.

  • Extremely small folded size and fast assembly for a high degree of mobility
  • Suitable for almost all rigid frame wheelchairs and folding frame models with integrated footrests.
  • Can be assembled/disassembled in 30 seconds
  • Rolls almost by itself
  • No more hot hands downhill!
  • Less exertion through better rolling resistance


Gerda Pamler Germany, Peru 2014, Gran Canaria 2013

In our dimension sheet you can assemble your Crazy Horse Active - Power according to your wishes in many variants.

Special orders please inquire!

Steering head

The unique steering head design delivers razor sharp handling and high steering stability and conceded during cornering and straight-line stability, additionally reinforce two springs this effect!

Hand-parking brake

Sales price see order sheet.

Color: silver or matt black
Execution: mechanically

Frame protection made of plastic

Prevents scratches on the frame of the wheelchair.