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Pelvic retraction seating system.

Colour: black

The resulting thrust - pressure of the pelvis forward is of the 3 D - Contour taken the pads. The padded seat prevents pressure.

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Scope of application

For pelvic positioning in a wheelchair or multifunction - Wheelchair.

Special features

Prevents forward sliding of the basin, especially in reclining backrests and tilt.

Significant reduction in the pressure step by the 3 D - Contour of the supports.

Easy handling due to pressure buckle B-24 star and Timing R-24-BL-400.

Ratchet and buckle covers, prevents injuries.

Article numbers
Pelvi-Contour-Seating-System - Gr. S for width 30 cm to 35 cm
Pelvi-Contour-Seating-System - Gr. M for width 36 cm to 39 cm
Pelvi-Contour-Seating-System - Gr. L for width 40 cm to 46 cm


Easy and fast assembling the Zahriemens and webbing on the frame with a cable tie, belt loop or pipe clamp.