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The pelvic pads are 3 - dimensional shape, for optimum fixation of the pelvis without pressure on the spine anterior superior. Formed shape with ultra thin end at the moulded seat fixing point to avoid lateral pressure marks at the pelvis.

Prevents lateral pressure points on the pelvis. Nylon strap for passing through the moulded seat. The ratchet will run in addition to a strap to prevent injuries.

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Scope of application

For custom made seats/ moulded seats.

Special features

Facet-like thinning of the padding material in the transition from the pad to the fastening strap. Prevents lateral pressure points on the pelvis.

Article numbers
PL-3DS-XXXS for SB 8-16 cm Bambino
PL-3DS-XXS for SB 12-20 cm
PL-3DS-XS for SB 16-24 cm
PL-3DS-S for SB 20-32 cm
PL-3DS-M for SB 30-40 cm
PL-3DS-L for SB 36-46 cm
PL-3DS-XL for SB 44-52 cm



For mounting on the moulded seat or on the wheelchair.

Article number: PB-BL


Seat shell with PL-3DS-S pelvic retraction belt.