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Application PL - RR - S

Upholstery size above everything:

  • Size: XS-S 17,5 cm x 5,0 cm,
    overall length 21,0 cm
  • Size: M 17,5 cm x 5 cm,
    overall length 23,5 cm
  • Gr.: L 17,5 cm x 5 cm.
    overall length 23,5 cm,
    same cushion size wie Size M

Application PL - RR - XL

Upholstery size above everything:

  • Size: XL 24,0 cm x 7,0 cm,
    overall length 35,0 cm

Application PL - RR - GO - S/M

Upholstery size above everything:

  • Size: S 20,0 cm,
    Gesamtlänge 27,0 cm
  • Size: M 24,0 cm,
    overall length 31,0 cm

Scope of application

Padded instep strap for securing feet to wheelchair foot plate with 24 mm ratchet and serrated band. Allows for quick release and securing with one hand.

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Special features

Delivery always in pairs!
In many buckles and toothed belt variants possible!

Article numbers

PL-RR-XS: Length min.19 cm B14-GO-BL and R14-GO-110
Length max. 27 cm

PL-RR-S: Length min. 20 cm B24-LU-JU and R24-BL-170
Length max. 27 cm

PL-RR-M: Length min. 24 cm B24-LU-JU and R24-BL-195
Length max. 31 cm

PL-RR-L: Length min. 24 cm B24-LU-JU and R24-BL-225
Length max. 36 cm

PL-RR-XL: Length min. 29 cm B24-LU-JU and R24-BL-225
PL-RR-XL: Length max. 51 cm

PL-RR-GO-S: Length min.20 cm B19-GO-BL and R19-GO-BL-350
Length max. 27 cm

PL-RR-GO-M: Length min. 24 cm B19-GO-BL and R19-GO-BL-350
Length max. 31 cm



Mounting Bracket Set with screws and nuts.

Always in pairs!