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Genuframe is designed to prevent forward sliding in the seat or wheelchair. Individually adjustable for optimum adaptation to the leg anatomy.

Available downloads / PDF

Scope of application

For moulded seats and wheelchairs.


  • PL-GF-2DB XS above -2DB-S front
  • PL-GF-2DB XS above -2DB-M front
  • PL-GF-2DB M above -2DB-XS front



2 R-24-ERGO-BL-400 Ratchet
2 B-24-Star Ratchet-holder
2 B-24-ERGO-BL Buckles
2 B-19-ERGO-BL Buckles
1 V-R-19-NU-BL-170 V-Ratchet
2 KS-1 Screw M5
2 EM-M5-BL Drive-in nu
2 Pelvi.Loc pelvis-belt

Replace locking buckle if necessary with B-24 Star buckle.

Special features

The upper thigh-pad and front leg pads can be custom made on request from the various sizes. Please state different sizes for top and front pads when ordering.

Article numbers
PL-GF-XXS-XXS for SW 12-20 cm
PL-GF-S- for SW 20-32 cm
PL-GF-M-M for SW B 30-40 cm
PL-GF-L-L for SW 36-46 cm
PL-GF-XL- for SW 44-52 cm