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2DB - belt suitable for thigh. The buckles are easily accessible. The ratchet will run in addition to a strap to prevent injuries. Hole strap on frame adjustable up to 6 cm. For fixing on to the frame use compatible clamping clips.

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Cross country skis with:

  • PL-3DSRR-M 3D moulded seat Reverso with twisted toothed belt and belt set
  • PL-2DB-XS Thigh Belt Front



Tube clamps for attaching the belt to the wheelchair frame available in the following diameters:
RS-20: Tube diameter 20 mm
RS-22: Tube diameter 22 mm
RS-25: Tube diameter 25 mm
RS-30: Tube diameter 30 mm
RS-32: Tube diameter 32 mm

Scope of application

  • For pelvis positioning in a wheelchair and sports wheelchair

Article numbers
PL-2DB-XXS for SW 12-20 cm
PL-2DB-XS for SW 16-24 cm
PL-2DB-S for SW 20-32 cm
PL-2DB-M for SW SB 30-40 cm
PL-2DB-L for SW SB 36-46 cm
PL-2DB-XL for SW 44-52 cm