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Closed-pore special material, impermeable and water repellent! The pelvic pads are 3-dimensionally shaped for optimal fixation of the pelvis without pressure on the anterior superior spine. With easy-to-use stainless steel ratchet buckles, the fit of the strap is adjusted. The perforated belts on the frame can be adjusted up to 8cm in length and thus provide variable space for different situations. To secure the wheelchair user, the pelvic pads are connected in the middle via a toothed belt.

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Scope of application

For pelvic positioning in the shower wheelchair, bathing chair, active wheelchair, rehab buggy, seat shells and much more.

Article numbers, black
PL-3DWP-BL-XS for SB 16-24 cm
PL-3DWP-BL-S for SB 20-32 cm
PL-3DWP-BL-M for SB 30-40 cm
PL-3DWP-BL-L for SB 36-46 cm

Article numbers, white
PL-3DWP-WH-XS for SB 16-24 cm
PL-3DWP-WH-S for SB 20-32 cm
PL-3DWP-WH-M for SB 30-40 cm
PL-3DWP-WH-L for SB 36-46 cm

Special feature

Facet-like thinning of the padding material in the transition from the pad to the fastening strap. Prevents lateral pressure points on the pelvis.

Toothed belt V-R-24-BL-ERGO-170


Pipe clamps for attaching the belt to the wheelchair frame available in the following diameters

Article numbers
RS-20 Tube diameter 20 mm
RS-22 Tube diameter 22 mm
RS-25 Tube diameter 25 mm
RS-30 Tube diameter 30 mm
RS-32 Tube diameter 32 mm