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Pelvis-retraction-belt with reversed ratchet

Formed shape with ultra thin end at the moulded seat fixing point to avoid lateral pressure marks at the pelvis.

The 3D formed shape is bolted firmly to the timing belt and strap hole.

Buckle belt R-19/24-BL-400 and pressure-buckle B-19/24-Star are included.

Available downloads / PDF

Scope of application

For cutom made seats and moulded seat.

Special features

The buckles are mounted on the side of the moulded seat or buggy. The pelvis-retraction-belt with the ratchet slides sideways into the buckles.

To improve positioning of the belt, adjustments can be made via the hole-strap.

Article numbers
PL-3DSRR-XS for width 16-24 cm
PL-3DSRR-S for width 20-32 cm
PL-3DSRR-M for width 30-40 cm
PL-3DSRR-L for width 36-46 cm



Hole – strap - set, available in a set of two

  • Width: 19/24 mm
  • Lenght: 115 mm

Hole - strap with buckle and clamping clip for mounting onto the frame. Also available in different sizes and diameters.


  • Hole – strap 24 mm wide x 115 mm long and B-24-ERGO and clamping clip RS-25

Article numbers