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The Torso.Loc offers an exclusive combination of upper body positioning and pelvic retraction harness. The neoprene vest has a high restoring force and is individually adjustable in the shoulder area and sternum for a secure positioning of the upper body. Vest and belt are connected via a soft and tension-resistant belt in the upper abdomen area. The 3D Pelvic Retraction Belt provides optimal pelvic fixation without pressure on the anterior superior spine. The Torso.Loc ensures optimum positioning of the upper body and pelvis in the wheelchair.

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Scope of application

For upper body and pelvic positioning in the wheelchair, the seat shell or rehab buggy. When using the Torso.Loc system, with the PEG gavage lying, one must pay attention to a possible pressure load on the puncture site and the PEG tube.

Special features

Two in one: The Torso.Loc system is characterized by simple and quick handling: the combination of the neoprene upper body vest and the TL-3DSR pelvic retraction belt reduces several work steps to one step for optimal positioning.

Article numbers: TL-3DSR-XS / TL-W-S

Consisting of

Dimensions neoprene-vest

Article no. A B C D E F
TL-W-S 31 22 12 16 4 12
TL-W-M 38 29 16 19 5 13
TL-W-L 47 37 19 22 6 14
TL-W-XL 55 45 24 26 6,5 17

Size Chart in cm

Consisting of

Pelvic retraction belt

Article numbers
TL-3DSR-XS for SB 16-24 cm
TL-3DSR-S for SB 20-32 cm
TL-3DSR-M for SB 30-40 cm
TL-3DSR-L for SB 36-46 cm

Pictogram neoprene-vest