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Upper body - positioning - system made to measure

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Scope of application

For the upper body - positioning in a wheelchair, powered wheelchair, car Seat.

Special features

Upper body - positioning - system to your specifications

  • Body part with lateral stability
  • Seat - belt individually adjustable in length by Velcro fastener
  • Wide, padded shoulder straps
  • Special – Hook/Loop fasteners with very high tensile force and Life

Article number: PL-OPS-Dimension

OPS made to measure

assembled in a few easy steps!


Safety buckle protects against unintentional opening of the body belt.

Article No.: KSS-S-50

To open lock with three fingers - Nylon - Pressure

Article No.: KSS-50

To open lock with two fingers - Nylon - Pressure

Article No.: SKS-50-SF

Metal lock 50mm wide with safety function (Pin opening)

Article No.: SF-2

Segufix magnetic closure with 2 magnetic closures incl. 2 security keys to open the system. Only on request and agreement possible!

Article no.:
KSS-S-50 3 finger buckle
KSS-50 2 finger buckle
SKS-50-SF Lock with safety function (pin opening)


ANGELGUARD-Buckle Fuse - and your child does not strap off anymore!

Do you know the problem?

You secure your child carefully with the three-point belt of your vehicle and after a few minutes your child has unbolted himself again.

That means then, stop, buckle again, admonish and then start again. And a few minutes later?

Here comes the solution

ANGELGUARD, a clear plastic cover effectively prevents your child from getting to the buckle. ANGELGUARD is very difficult to remove from the sitting position, and yet for you as a companion it is simply a matter of removing the cover.

increase and then release the buckle as usual.

And that is how it works

ANGELGUARD is simply pushed over the buckle as shown in the picture and then the tongue of the lock is pushed through

Insert the top opening of the cover into the buckle. Thus, ANGELGUARD effectively hides the red release button.

The side parts of the cover are specially designed so that they can be bent slightly, so that the ANGELGUARD cover can be unilaterally unscrewed and then pushed out to the other side. Then the red release button of the buckle is free again.

What else you need to know

ANGELGUARD is a patented system and comes from the USA. It is an import part and has not undergone any approval procedure under the STVZO. However, it is also not part of the restraint device (belt system) of the vehicle, since it is only plugged in and not firmly connected.

ANGELGUARD is applicable to a large number of vehicles and closed types. Prerequisite is that the buckle protrudes approx. 4 cm and there is at least 2.5 cm free space around the lock (important for unscrewing).

Article number: AG-GSS